The Worst Black Friday Shopping Spree Ever

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Amber Scholl

преди година

I love to shop, and as a self-proclaimed shopaholic who is addicted to designer shoes, I absolutely LOVE Black Friday (it's basically like my Christmas lol). So today I am vlogging my annual Black Friday shopping spree! But this time it went really bad...huge fail. but I decided I would post it anyway because I asked on instagram and you said to post it so here it is lol.
Presenting to you a very extra Black Friday shopping spree...but where I buy basically nothing and then do a haul of cheap stuff I bought online earlier this week lol :P
ENJOY THE FAILED CRAZYNESS MY LOVES! And remember, everyday is Black Friday if you want it to be. shop on x :P
3,080,000 kisses!
Amber :)
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Twitter: amberscholl

rrr rrr
rrr rrr преди 27 дни
Always shop online on black Friday. ACTUAL good deals and u don't have to wait
Lauren преди месец
"This is how I would dress if I was a Santa!" oh Amber, ahahaha :)
natasha morse
natasha morse преди месец
Probmel with amber she Owens ebrything
Leona saarti
Leona saarti преди месец
Do what i eat in a day
Bongos congas & antique cash register collecting
Bongos congas & antique cash register collecting преди 2 месеца
Oh my never seen a black Friday like this oh my Amber enjoyed it!
Chantel Rich
Chantel Rich преди 5 месеца
Hey Amber idk if u would see this but i think it would be cool if you can film a guide video on how to start buying REAL luxury items. No shade to designer dups. And broke bitch style of course :)
Ihana Kaunotar
Ihana Kaunotar преди 6 месеца
That Saski Tennis collection is so cute. I want!! I don’t even play tennis
Sandy Araujo
Sandy Araujo преди 6 месеца
jamidion преди 7 месеца
I love when she breaks character and speaks in her real voice vs that super shrill shriek. I love her content but that fake pitch she puts on is a bit grating.
dulce преди 8 месеца
Why are you such a queen 👑😍
Sarai Sanchez
Sarai Sanchez преди 10 месеца
Awww amber is so cute
Ni Tran
Ni Tran преди 10 месеца
lmao when she said “GEORGE NO”
Hadjer happy
Hadjer happy преди 10 месеца
no .. no... no ..too much pink
Sif A.W.E
Sif A.W.E преди 11 месеца
Omlll a year ago i was obsessed with ur diy dress vids, then i cleaned out who i subbed to and I finally found you again! Feeling blessed
Selena Bodhnarain
Selena Bodhnarain преди 11 месеца
7:44 gives me Kimmy Gibbler vibes
Gwyneth Reiman
Gwyneth Reiman преди 11 месеца
it rained on halloween (last year now) and i couldn’t go out even after i spent $100+ and put in work for the outfits.
Daizy Zajac
Daizy Zajac преди 11 месеца
It is empty because everybody is shopping on thanksgiving now 😢
Chosen Natural Health Corner
Chosen Natural Health Corner преди 11 месеца
Still an awesome video 👌
Ava Adams
Ava Adams преди 11 месеца
Amber sometimes forever 21 isn’t so cheap to everyone
MayFlower преди 11 месеца
I can’t afford a 20 dollar sweater unless it’s on clearance. Forever 21 be coming in clutch for the lower income communities.
taylor mcCoy
taylor mcCoy преди 11 месеца
11:00 amber I don't think dogs are scared of cats😂 not sure that's how that works😂😂😂
Rajjes преди 11 месеца
Sarah DiCindio
Sarah DiCindio преди 11 месеца
Everytime I hear Amber say "what's up guys?!" , especially at 2 am I wonder if the neighbors mind lol
Sybil Wohadlo
Sybil Wohadlo преди 11 месеца
Its not raining its winter its really wet snow lol
Riedegard Gerisgunde
Riedegard Gerisgunde преди 11 месеца
A plastic bag for this little cap? 😞
Cassidy преди 11 месеца
amber’s reaction to the first girl who came up to her was so precious
Savannah Ferrell
Savannah Ferrell преди 11 месеца
George..NO!! 😭😂
SassyTriniKARS преди 11 месеца
Loli appreciate the terrible Black Friday shopping experience...... BUT I'M GOING TO LIKE IT BECAUSE GEORGE TOOK OVER THIS VIDEO!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD YAY GEORGE!!!
Khloe Knudson
Khloe Knudson преди 11 месеца
50 degrees!😂 I live where it’s in the negatives😂 right now
Silvia S
Silvia S преди 11 месеца
All my broke people where you at? 😂
Iris Noel Quinn
Iris Noel Quinn преди 11 месеца
The way Amber's face lit up when that girl recognized in Forever 21 was too pure
Royal Glitter Queen
Royal Glitter Queen преди 11 месеца
Love it huni lm looking forward to seeing what you got in all those packages and boxes
MIKAELADONNA преди 11 месеца
that pink tennis outfit was friggin sexy
Tawana Taylor
Tawana Taylor преди 11 месеца
I love those MASSIVE christmas trees in the malls,but im terrified of large heights,you couldnt pay me enough money to get up there decorate that tree,lol🎄😂🤣😘
99 ڵبنىۧ TM
99 ڵبنىۧ TM преди 11 месеца
Her: *oh 1000 dollars i don't need this dress* Also her: *shops online wich is more expansive* Me: *well plz some one explain what is happening right now* Imao skdkhjnxrfkjft 😂🤦‍♀️💜
Biljana Pujuklieva
Biljana Pujuklieva преди година
Amber you will wear ski boots fot skiing in the snow
shabnam Cassimkan
shabnam Cassimkan преди година
2.09 this is exactly how my 8 months old baby stares at me while i'm acting all crazy in front of the mirror every morning XD
FallOutGirl1989 преди година
Clearly Amber and I have very different feelings about being in a crowded shopping centre. I get anxiety, and she’s in her happy place
ColorGoldMaster преди година
Can play stop always showing the side angle because u want to look curvy
Kareenn преди година
Hahaha “I’m supposed to be shopping for other people” literally me 😭
Karolina M
Karolina M преди година
Please, please stop asking people if they want to say something xD
Genevieve Mathews
Genevieve Mathews преди година
Amber’s dress Meshki sent her was basically a dupe of the dress Kourtney kardashian wore to the Kylie Skin party only difference Kourtney’s dress has straps to hold the dress up.
yeillyanne collazo
yeillyanne collazo преди година
Okay but where did you get the pink pajama set??? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT😍😍😍😩😩😩
Black Rose
Black Rose преди година
It's weird how many stores were closed on black Friday
TouchMCookie преди година
What eyeliner and mascara do you use?
Kennedy Ray
Kennedy Ray преди година
I always wonder if she ever donates anything or she just goes shopping
ume alvi
ume alvi преди година
It's a sad life we all have nothing much in life other than shopping
DONH TEEGEE преди година
Girl you are funny hahahahah wow🤣🤣🤣
Brianna Nickole
Brianna Nickole преди година
What breed is George??????
Eva Agnew
Eva Agnew преди година
Does anyone know the name of the yellow dress she tried on from shein at 9:36? I can’t find it anywhere on the site 🥺
nadiya преди година
fans when they see amber: hi!! amber being cute: hi!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens преди година
Do Black Friday part 2
jennifer grams
jennifer grams преди година
I'm confused why you went black Friday shopping in the afternoon not early in the morning???
Dana the Vlog دانة
Dana the Vlog دانة преди година
مين عربية هون... تابعوني ❤️🌹💓🌹♥️
allina singh
allina singh преди година
Finally amber is all covered 😂😂😂
Diana Rola
Diana Rola преди година
What dog is it beautiful???????????
Shadowhunter 031
Shadowhunter 031 преди година
Just go to the store to meet Amber lol
sky jeffrey
sky jeffrey преди година
did she.. try on the earrings in forever 21.. my ocd is cringing😂
Allison Balliet
Allison Balliet преди година
You can find some good things at Macy's backstage... and have you tried Sunday Riley products?
Advita Chopra
Advita Chopra преди година
I’m literally wearing that short and sweater shirt that says meow at the back of the shorts from shein RIGHT NOW!!!!
Hilary T
Hilary T преди година
"You look cute or whateva" lol
alma zavala
alma zavala преди година
... wait where does George poop when you're gone for a couple hours ?
alma zavala
alma zavala преди година
"I got the saski tennis collection, .. George no... I got the saski tennis collection" idk wy I thought that was SO funny 😂😂😂
Samantha Serafin
Samantha Serafin преди година
What lipstick does she wear!? ❤️
Aderynn преди година
Idk why but I just love how at 4:35 Amber is caught off guard by a fan whips her head back and forth between the fan and the camera. Like some people use video editing, but Amber just does that RL xD
Always Fabulous
Always Fabulous преди година
Thanks amber lolz :)
Brownette B
Brownette B преди година
When she was filming with her camera upside down I kept turning my phone around lol
Brianna Phair
Brianna Phair преди година
Now I’m grossed out knowing people try the earrings on
Lala преди година
“It’s freezing at 50 degrees” girl it’s 30 degrees where I am in Colorado we’re wearing shorts, dresses and skirts at 50 😂
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight преди година
Fuckin narcissists. Agenda 21. You're all going to be depopulated by 2030. Fuckin braindead slaves
Chippy Chompy
Chippy Chompy преди година
George is too cute with his green eyes and pink nose!😍😍
Salena Belgrave
Salena Belgrave преди година
subscribe to my channel please
Valerie Rose
Valerie Rose преди година
Why americansnare so consumist like u thats not okey
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez преди година
Is it me or is it disturbing that he put on the earrings without buying them?
Bash преди година
Oh my gosh. Since the first video of yours I've seen, I loved you! You've earned yourself another subscriber 💕❤💕❤💕❤
Samantha Michelle
Samantha Michelle преди година
I love shein! I get my bodysuits and tops from there.
JenniC. преди година
south coast is only for rich people 🤧
Sandra FancyPants
Sandra FancyPants преди година
That last pj look where you get it???
outer space
outer space преди година
9:22 you look exactly like Jade from Bratz LOL
Jessica Jentzsch
Jessica Jentzsch преди година
"This is how I would dress if I was a Santa"-Amber 2019
Patrisha Ivanova
Patrisha Ivanova преди година
"This is how I would dress if I was a Santa" 😂😂 ICONIC! Love ya Amber
Celines Gonzalez
Celines Gonzalez преди година
At 2:22 you were gonna say "I fucking love you" but you abruptly stopped bc you were filming, you can't fool us 😂
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson преди година
I want that pink fuzzy outfit tbh
Marci Cato
Marci Cato преди година
Where did you get the cat onesie? 😻
Zkiawho преди година
Amber: Play with me! George: Ya'll hear somin'?
Serah Gangte
Serah Gangte преди година
Please link those u bought it from online... The pink Blazer is super cute...
Zkiawho преди година
*I got this sausky tennis collection* GEORGE NO! *SO I GOT THIS SAUSKY TENNIS COLLECTION* LMAOOOO
Sadie Whalen
Sadie Whalen преди година
Amber did you do a review with the Savage x Fenty line? I was watching youtube and an ad came on, and I was so surprised to see you, and the thing about those ads is it looks like they were just taking snippets of youtubers/influencers videos and putting them into ads, is that true?
THE ROA FAMILY преди година
9:43 lol the crazy chef hat 😂
Trixi Trix
Trixi Trix преди година
Omg. I literally got the same pj's set last week from shein in pink with the "meow" on the back. We're twinning 😍
Sandy R.
Sandy R. преди година
rip I spent too much this year 🤣 balenciaga sunglasses, rilakkuma plushies, and a smartwatch 😭😱
Delilah Williams
Delilah Williams преди година
Amber be like “ you like my hair gee thanks just bought it” 😂❤️
lock heart
lock heart преди година
Whenever I go shopping on black friday, there aren't a lot of actual sales occuring unless it's on overpriced electronics and homegoods. When I try shopping for clothes, there aren't many discounts. If there are it's not exactly a bargain. I never actually get to buy anything, but cyber monday was better than last year for me so I won't complain too much. I personally feel like most stores have bigger sales throughout the year that are better deals than black Friday.
e m i l y
e m i l y преди година
How does this girl have NO UNDER EYE BAGS WHATSOEVER
Victoria Giordano
Victoria Giordano преди година
You know forever 21 declared bankruptcy and is closing a bunch of stores?
Katherine Genier
Katherine Genier преди година
where are you going in the snow
Sadie Bowman
Sadie Bowman преди година
Ugh I so bad want to meet you
diana c
diana c преди година
come to the OC more pleaseee 😭
Alayah Corona
Alayah Corona преди година
Ur laugh is so fake lol
Sandy преди година
Do u had lip fillers??Becsuse back until 1015 you lips wore 2 times smaller
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