My Halloween Home Makeover!

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Amber Scholl

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HI ANGELS! (or shall I say, devils? lol) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
I love DIY home decor, so in the spirit of fall I am decorating my house for halloween for the first time! I'm going on a shopping spree and turning my usually glam castle into a very extra gothic opposite makeover, my favorite!
3,335,000 kisses!
Amber :)
SHOP SOME DECOR (and my outfits lol):
white hoodie:
black gown:
Black roses:
skeleton decor:
glam pumpkins:
black cat statues:
black wall butterflies:

The Black
The Black преди 10 часа
💖彡Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx彡'𝐒 💖foto&video x --------------------------------------------- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸ Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоbwjnsy
L R преди ден
Amber you are so cool
Yachy Ivy
Yachy Ivy преди 5 дни
What color are the contacts you’re wearing when you’re STARTED filming tho when you went shopping?
Carson Webster
Carson Webster преди 8 дни
Let me play your piano!!!!!;)
Regine Hella Midtun
Regine Hella Midtun преди 13 дни
you should try to learn to play the piano for a video!!
-- преди 14 дни
Imagine dragging a heavy ass piano up into a high-rise just for show 😅
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter преди 15 дни
Love this video sm🖤 my problem is I'm living in a one bedroom and have no space from storage ha.
Kupid'Rosalinda Vateri'
Kupid'Rosalinda Vateri' преди 15 дни
Where did you get your dining room chairs!?!?! Absolutely gorgeous 😍🥰
Maddie Jenkins
Maddie Jenkins преди 17 дни
Amber is literally Karen from mean girls
THIRD EYE преди 17 дни
Eternal Marie
Eternal Marie преди 18 дни
That is so cool. You should definitely keep it like that for a while. 🕷💖🕷
Selma Krličević
Selma Krličević преди 18 дни
I freakin love her voice😂😂😍❤️
LIIZBETH76 преди 20 дни
Wait are those the shoes you took to the clown tunnel? 😂😭😭
Amanda Hill
Amanda Hill преди 23 дни
U are such a great designer, I seriously love the clothes u make and the room makeovers, u r definitely talented.
Emmanuel Lasat
Emmanuel Lasat преди 23 дни
Yoursealf have mondmasker van Rihanna X bikkiny 👙
angelica honey
angelica honey преди 24 дни
❤️💋💦♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
Satomi преди 25 дни
Poor piano😢
Lolla Johansson
Lolla Johansson преди 25 дни
NEW VIDEO IDÉA; Happy Easter decoration next year 😍
Diana Bosich
Diana Bosich преди 25 дни
Anyone else confused because the intro was too quite for amber? Like why are my ears still alive?!?! Amber babe are you okay?
Braelynn Castle
Braelynn Castle преди 26 дни
I love your videos and keep making more. And saty safe in all of the sickness
Cynthia Valdez
Cynthia Valdez преди 26 дни
Candy Cit
Candy Cit преди 27 дни
1:30 omggg Color CL are SO good, I got a pair last year and Omg I loved them, they are good for one year and it’s been over a year so I can’t wear them anymore and I’m basically crying hahah, but yeah sry I got excited😝😱 also 10:52 that fake as scary laugh and then that look, is this video cursed or something, Amber what is going on?😹🤔
shecutie преди 27 дни
amber is - so loving to her fans - humble and just having fun - being a good mental health example for women and girls alike - funny and a piece of sunshine - infectiously optimistic and hype - a vibe ❤️❤️
lisa jones
lisa jones преди 27 дни
personally I'd keep these decorations up year round... her place was just to white! I'd go stir crazy with all the white!! 365 days of Halloween!!
Corrina преди 27 дни
Oh my god your voice is so animated I love it!! Like a modern Minnie Mouse brought to life !
Alia Momani
Alia Momani преди 27 дни
Again love youuu Amber
SilkySpaceKitten преди 28 дни
AMBER. Hear me out your curtains... Black. Just for the moment ya know?. Your roses on your balcony.. Black. Please. Also youre beatiful
N Df
N Df преди 28 дни
How do you keep everything white in your house...white? Especially with all the projects??
Nadia Brown
Nadia Brown преди 28 дни
Take a shot every time amber says candelabras😂❤️
Seir Welser
Seir Welser преди 28 дни
Moskatels: How many ravens do you want? Amber: yes.
the arch of destiny
the arch of destiny преди 29 дни
Are u and Colby still friends I want yall to post together;0
Victoria Magana
Victoria Magana преди 29 дни
Totally reminds me of the Addams Family & I love it ,it is Soo deathly chic☠️🥀
Lorena Espinoza
Lorena Espinoza преди 29 дни
I love how dorky and awkward you are 💕
Divaliciousbeauty123 преди 29 дни
$15 for contacts? That’s scary
emoji lover
emoji lover преди месец
Since your piano plays itself you should get a life size skeleton and place it at the piano like it’s playing it
Candice Castigador
Candice Castigador преди месец
i rlly rlly love ur naural eye color i wish i had that :3
DEEP SENSE преди месец
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Lev Tolstoy
Lev Tolstoy преди месец
you re soooo creativeee :) love ya girl
Saucey Candy
Saucey Candy преди месец
Can u start a show where you decorate your fans home with decor?? It would be dope if you haven’t done so already
Phil Cruze
Phil Cruze преди месец
You fine as hell
Emma Delamorandiere
Emma Delamorandiere преди месец
Ok pls ask James Charles to do your makeup I really want to see that
Chiezmill Official
Chiezmill Official преди месец I loro stati di salute de s'approcher trop rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo♥️
Mandalahorse преди месец
As a Goth I have to say: This ain't creepy at all - it's beautiful. My Room looks like that 24/7 😂
Hardstyle4life преди месец
Amber can I please be your photographer!
Victoriana преди месец
I haven't watched Amber in so long, I am not used to the wings 😂😅 but I love them!
Sarah Patterson
Sarah Patterson преди месец
Lol does your neighbors ever complain about hearing you upstairs or next door to them lol
Dalonda Baker
Dalonda Baker преди месец
Amber you so stupid girl you crack me up trying to play that piano...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍you made my day
Melanie Corna
Melanie Corna преди месец
That thumbnail though 🖤🖤🖤
*Haley Atlantic*
*Haley Atlantic* преди месец
I can't she is so cuteee❤❤
Aaron & Megan
Aaron & Megan преди месец
Ambberrrrr! I bought contacts off of COLORCL and girll they’re amazing! Im so glad I ordered off of them! It just came in yesterday!
Julia May
Julia May преди месец
You’re really cute) Where did you got that horse statue? It’s beautiful, I am obsessed with equine stuff 🙈
Jamie Byford
Jamie Byford преди месец
So prefer it this way! I’d keep it that way year round!! Also love how amber just casually throws on ball gown!
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis преди месец
Loaxx._ преди месец
Musicians in the inside: *PAIN and ANXIETY*
Amazon Hot Deals
Amazon Hot Deals преди месец
Can’t wait for Colby’s room makeover
Em Fraser
Em Fraser преди месец
Whats with the annoying young voice.....
Teerosa преди месец
It looks amazing the makeover!
fluffy pups
fluffy pups преди месец
Why does she has a piano if she can’t play
Ammers Lo
Ammers Lo преди месец
Do you still do your own nails Amber?
scoobydoofeen преди месец
def a missed opportunity for Colby to give ambers apt a makeoverrr lol
Queen Centoria
Queen Centoria преди месец
Love it 😊
Chloe Rae Boyd
Chloe Rae Boyd преди месец
It just hit me that Americans spell grey differently
Fate Evergreen
Fate Evergreen преди месец
I thought she was an imvu
Opeee преди месец
You got cats crows together in the car? Omg something definitely gonna happen in there . Haha loved this video!
Daprincess11 преди месец
Amber wears black The comments: she’s wearing black because of Colby. 😂💀
Kamaila Williams
Kamaila Williams преди месец
LMAO right they literally take anything that she says and makes it abt colby.
Alex Levai
Alex Levai преди месец
WHY ARE U SO PRETTY ?!insicure girls are screaming aka me😔😭🥺
Anna Ya
Anna Ya преди месец
12:37 I totally smelled that 😍
Anna Ya
Anna Ya преди месец
11:16 Amber showing us her candles... *Amber:* "now that I realize it..." *Me:* "...that they look like a D*** ?!" *Amber* talking about a fire hazard Okayy
Anna Ya
Anna Ya преди месец
In 50 years we will see Amber proudly decorating her home with little duck figures
Anna Ya
Anna Ya преди месец
I would have loved to see Alyssas reaction to this
Arianatorfamy преди месец
“People say I have no talent.” Me: WHO SAYS THAT I GOT MY FISTS READY 🤜🏻🤜🏼🤜🏽🤜🏾🤜🏿
Sweet Melted MarshMellow
Sweet Melted MarshMellow преди месец
You did an amazing job! I adore ur home it's comfy and spooky. 🖤
Choco Xochitl
Choco Xochitl преди месец
This is why I'm like goth isn't that weird for you. Angels and devils are of the same breed, ya know?
bree willow
bree willow преди месец
Please do a kitchen make over maybe paint the cabinets? bc it doesn't go with the whole house:)
Joana Rouse
Joana Rouse преди месец
Happy Halloween to u too, Amber 😊🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻
Pretty Infection
Pretty Infection преди месец
Amber I’ve watched this video 3 times already
America Magana
America Magana преди месец
i love that amber doesn't know how to play a piano but still has one
Niki M
Niki M преди месец
I love this 😂🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alexandra Horváthová
Alexandra Horváthová преди месец
One day I will have my house or flat and this is how gonna look like like forever not just for Halloween
waveygurl преди месец
You sound sick are you ok 💕
Skybluey 217
Skybluey 217 преди месец
Such pretty decor, I wish the contact lenses were in England ☹️
Melanie Herbert
Melanie Herbert преди месец
Hiiii i really hope u see this but I just got contacts and I have nails like every day and I need to know how to put them in and out ???
Alexandra Tonico
Alexandra Tonico преди месец
Love u beautiful🙏🏽😘 stay safe and stay humble beautiful's😘🙏🏽💓
The Stew Vlogs
The Stew Vlogs преди месец
Amber slowly turning into Colby 😂😂
Danielle and angel nieves
Danielle and angel nieves преди месец
Amber says and does things i used to do, alone, in the mirror n never in front of anyone else or on camera lol
Ashley Powell
Ashley Powell преди месец
🎶The Amber Family🎶 ... 🤣💀
Cora Batchelder
Cora Batchelder преди месец
Add feathers to the crow wings!!!
Nee-Chan Hime
Nee-Chan Hime преди месец
Decor just for Halloween...nah imma leave that up all year it looks soo good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💋
Isa Almodovar
Isa Almodovar преди месец
Headphones users be prepared
Wolf Jeagar
Wolf Jeagar преди месец
"What is up Pumpkins.." Me:Thats my middle name...Pumpkin
cesar sandoval
cesar sandoval преди месец
Que rica mami!!!
Veronica Andrea
Veronica Andrea преди месец
🖤 this!
Simplyy Nee
Simplyy Nee преди месец
Everything you touch turns to gold! Loving this home decor makeover, so simple but still so beautiful. Great Halloween home makeover.
Lisa преди месец
last time i watched u was back in 2018...i come back now and not much has think u need a little bit more colour in ur apartment but u do u...
Nathalia Prudencio
Nathalia Prudencio преди месец
u should hire a piano teacher :)))
Medical Adhesive Strips
Medical Adhesive Strips преди месец
puppy so cute
Silvia Borba
Silvia Borba преди месец
Fun fact: the music sheets that you pick out is serenade by Schubert which is a lovely dark themed piano love ballad
Janvhi Palwankar
Janvhi Palwankar преди месец
Imagine gorge just ripping everything out
kyla wiles
kyla wiles преди месец
Omg I need a shein haul from you
henna dhokia
henna dhokia преди месец
Amber I just loveeeee you❤ you r just ⭐AMAZING⭐ Idk how u r single likeee!!!
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