A Very #EXTRA Valentine's Day Lookbook!

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Amber Scholl

преди 9 месеца

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HI ANGELS - Happy Valentine's Day! I love any excuse to be extra and dress up, especially date night (even if your single and have no boyfriend like me lol) So from shoes to dresses to jewelry, here are my best ideas for valentines day outfits 2020!

don't forget to love yourself too. :)
3,160,000 kisses!
Amber :)
instagram: amberscholl
twitter: amberscholl
LOOK #1:
red corset: www.savagex.com/amberscholl
similar skirt just hem it!: amzn.to/373FzZz
shoes: amzn.to/2tybYtD
bag: amzn.to/2UtZOgc
red lip (also I am dumb its called star woman not star girl lol): bit.ly/2vRNADX
lingerie set: www.savagex.com/amberscholl
LOOK #2:
set: bit.ly/2uVLUZx
shoes: amzn.to/2tybYtD
bag: amzn.to/2UtZOgc
lingerie set: www.savagex.com/amberscholl
LOOK #3:
blazer set: bit.ly/2UEv3FN
bra: www.savagex.com/amberscholl
shoes: amzn.to/2tybYtD
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LOOK #4:
corset: amzn.to/2Ozf5J8
jeans: bit.ly/2GWMglz
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dupe bag because I cant find it online: amzn.to/2UvjikW
lingerie set: www.savagex.com/amberscholl
fluffy heels: amzn.to/2H0Sfpz
LOOK #5:
dress dupe: bit.ly/2OwUBjZ
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lingerie set: www.savagex.com/amberscholl
LOOK #6:
dress: amzn.to/2OvGQlw
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LOOK #7:
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LOOK #8:
white set: amzn.to/2GXbQqL
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LOOK #9:
dress: bit.ly/2vOGxfb
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teddy: www.savagex.com/amberscholl
fluffy heels: amzn.to/2H0Sfpz
LOOK #10:
robe and lingerie all Fenty!: www.savagex.com/amberscholl

Bushra Naz
Bushra Naz преди месец
I want amber to wear all the bra's outfit
sheff !
sheff ! преди 3 месеца
I watched all of Amber's video and I don't know if she got something done to her lips but if she did ! She looks bomb aff
Me,Myself & I
Me,Myself & I преди 4 месеца
Where did you get your lipstick in this video?❤️✨
Tasnim Rubaba
Tasnim Rubaba преди 5 месеца
If you had a bf he would so satisfied by you giirrll💓💓💓
Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross преди 5 месеца
She is like a Greek goddess. Gorgeous baby 😘😘
Sandy Araujo
Sandy Araujo преди 5 месеца
Autumn Summers
Autumn Summers преди 5 месеца
"You can keep it buttoned if you want to keep the job or you can open it up if you wanna date the CEO! Your choice" 😂😂😂
Nashwa Rockingster
Nashwa Rockingster преди 5 месеца
Adorable outfits! 😍 I love them!! You are such an inspiration Amber!
Katniss Frogge
Katniss Frogge преди 5 месеца
Look #7 reminds me of Ariana Grandes pink outfit she wore for her sweetener world tour
niya j
niya j преди 5 месеца
I love amber she is like the only youtuber with drama🥺💗
S A преди 6 месеца
I don’t even remember this years Valentine’s Day hell I barely remember my birthday happened and it hasn’t even been a week 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ the only reason I remember is people still be wishing me happy birthday when they realize they missed it too
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam преди 7 месеца
Wow she is really so beautiful adorable gorgeous stunning fabulous lovely lady
Prince Rajput
Prince Rajput преди 7 месеца
This is turning me on 🔥
Nic Kaiser
Nic Kaiser преди 7 месеца
You're like the only youtuber that I can relate too. Love ya girl. 💋
Wahida преди 8 месеца
Look number 6 is just like catwoman and with those eyeliner make it perfect combination 👍👍
CaramelDiva7 ASMR
CaramelDiva7 ASMR преди 8 месеца
Amber looks FABULOUS in all outfits.
Lexie преди 8 месеца
I wish I had the balls to wear this. :'D
Glamorous Garden
Glamorous Garden преди 8 месеца
Amber your outfits are amazing 😍
CeCe C
CeCe C преди 8 месеца
I’m so happy for her thriving but at the same time I kinda miss having a broke bitch tips channel, like I love that she’s come so far but the thing that made her different was that she helped us slay on a budget and now that aspect is gone.
Kelly Martinez
Kelly Martinez преди 8 месеца
"It's like a very sexy trashbag." LOL
Moaz Kazkgi
Moaz Kazkgi преди 8 месеца
Stop trying to show off
B G преди 8 месеца
@amberscholl can u do a shoe haul of all your shoes. Cost rates, comfort levels, if you would buy again. Also could u do give aways? You travel so much I collect mugs I’d love like a buy one off of u wen u travel!
Alyssa Beach
Alyssa Beach преди 8 месеца
bish how u still single???!!!!!
Kay’s DIY & Craft
Kay’s DIY & Craft преди 8 месеца
You should do some videos on copying people’s diy on you tube
aaaicila преди 8 месеца
“An all day event” 😂
Negimaster23 преди 8 месеца
They all look just fantastic on you!
Uni Piren
Uni Piren преди 8 месеца
6:15 that look is everything ♡♡♡
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith преди 9 месеца
Awesome! Just learned about Savage X Fenty... thanxxx!
Katchy преди 9 месеца
Really unique and glamerous outfits ❤️
Helen Sullivan
Helen Sullivan преди 9 месеца
"You don't need a man to be fabulous "
Laura X
Laura X преди 9 месеца
Your voice is actually so annoying 😐. (Btw I can spell 🙄)
Milca Monera
Milca Monera преди 9 месеца
You always make me happy Amber. Thank you. I love you. Hope to see you soon here in Philippines muahhhhh❤❤❤
florence delosantos
florence delosantos преди 9 месеца
On valentines day you blush-amber 🥰🥰🥰
Kevin Barrington
Kevin Barrington преди 9 месеца
:) wow!!! ...hope you don't mind me saying but you are very beautiful ...so amazing ...so stunning ...an amazing sexy personality ;)
Brenda Rather
Brenda Rather преди 9 месеца
I dont get it why dont you have a boyfriend yet like your nice funny cute and good clothing choose's like💁🙍
Daizy преди 9 месеца
U r so cute and funny ,lovely talkative parrot
Finny The Professional Student
Finny The Professional Student преди 9 месеца
Bought two of these products looks nothing like how it looked on her 😩
Jasmine Lola
Jasmine Lola преди 9 месеца
She kinda looks like Carli Bybel
V __
V __ преди 9 месеца
Not really
Moon light
Moon light преди 9 месеца
You completely changed my day from being sad to a fierce confident goddess 😆😆 I love you, Amber! Your work brings joy to us! Thank you! ❤❤❤
Alexa Marie
Alexa Marie преди 9 месеца
The best part of v-day is the OUTFITSSSS
Vanity Flores
Vanity Flores преди 9 месеца
“If I gotta get fired from a job, gonna make it look sexy” -Amber
angel lc
angel lc преди 9 месеца
You keep the button if you wanna keep the job 😂 hahahaha and unbutton if u wanna date the CEO 😂
AndySixxStalker DarkAngels
AndySixxStalker DarkAngels преди 9 месеца
She said red with the first look, but anybody else see pink?..
shania garrison
shania garrison преди 9 месеца
"It's like a very sexy trash bad" girl I died😂
Alee Orta
Alee Orta преди 9 месеца
Where are the last fuzzy black shoes from 😭
Emely De La Rosa
Emely De La Rosa преди 9 месеца
Everything looks good on you❤❤❤
godze99 преди 9 месеца
8:17 😂😂
Ditza Skolnick
Ditza Skolnick преди 9 месеца
And we love you too! 💖💖❤️❤️❤️
Zully Celis Suazo
Zully Celis Suazo преди 9 месеца
“A very sexy trash bag” ..... me everyday!
Audrey Hernandez
Audrey Hernandez преди 9 месеца
Oh my gosh the look #4 is so cute!!
Andrew A
Andrew A преди 9 месеца
my gosh - you're gorgeous!!!!! wife material
grace her
grace her преди 9 месеца
Can you make a very extra blinged out look book
Cortney Groves
Cortney Groves преди 9 месеца
Look #4 is beautiful ❤️
embee преди 9 месеца
I feel like Amber could only date someone as EXTRA as she is with clothing, or else they might feel bad next to her hahaha
Shamallo преди 9 месеца
can't wait for the no valentin lookbook. More usefull for me :D
Christine преди 9 месеца
This was amazing, I LOVED the energy. You made me feel like a boss baddie 😍😂
Esther Risnauly
Esther Risnauly преди 9 месеца
I really hope you can collaboration with jeffreestar .. 😍😍😍
Amora Williams
Amora Williams преди 9 месеца
You have the best body!!
Lex Dian
Lex Dian преди 9 месеца
When we all no its not the last look!! Lmao 💙💙💜
Holly Vu
Holly Vu преди 9 месеца
"You keep it buttoned if you want to keep your job" "Or you can, you know, unbutton it if you want to start dating the CEO" LOL >0
Lucy1955 преди 9 месеца
how are you single lol
Lindy Avelar
Lindy Avelar преди 9 месеца
"If your hot call me" 😂😂 I'm done
Spice Gyal Lili
Spice Gyal Lili преди 9 месеца
00:44 when dogs bow 🐕 it’s their way of saying they want to play! I learned that from a dog trainer !
Melon преди 9 месеца
OMG this is what exactly I was waiting for!!! Even though I’m not going out with any guy, but I want a date with myself ;)
Estella A.
Estella A. преди 9 месеца
Love that white dress with the silver accessories ❤️
jordin Falcon
jordin Falcon преди 9 месеца
I can't find the last look...the black dress on their website:( can you please help me gorgeous? You look amazing in it and now I definitely want to buy it
Dashing khanom
Dashing khanom преди 9 месеца
U r soo funny cute and smart lv u
Areli Leon
Areli Leon преди 9 месеца
“I dont think thats how the saying goes but who cares” hahahaha 💜
Persa Tegou
Persa Tegou преди 9 месеца
Red looks STUNNING on you. You should wear red more.
Toni преди 9 месеца
What kind of doggo is George ? He’s so pretty.
Alexus Castillo
Alexus Castillo преди 9 месеца
I like your videos so much but I get annoyed easily. Love you tho
Emma37 преди 9 месеца
So i just subscribed bc i just watched Rachel’s clothes swap and i love how happy and positive you sound!😂
anonym anonym
anonym anonym преди 9 месеца
Hi Amber :) Do they ship to norway to? :P
Elizabeth tellez
Elizabeth tellez преди 9 месеца
I love love when you do look books
Anna Meier
Anna Meier преди 9 месеца
I LOVE your videos like literally you don‘t even understand!! ♥️♥️your personality is just amazing
Beddy Tear
Beddy Tear преди 9 месеца
Why is she single?
j r
j r преди 9 месеца
Amber: talks about swanlake and sings about sleeping beauty😂
Olivia Farrington
Olivia Farrington преди 9 месеца
Look four is my favorite! Sooo cute!!
McFlabbton BOIZ
McFlabbton BOIZ преди 9 месеца
What do you most buy in your shopping hauls? 🛍🎁🛒😍
Jen Na
Jen Na преди 9 месеца
Dang i did not know savagexfenty was that affordable im def shopping that site now
Lola Gloss
Lola Gloss преди 9 месеца
💗💝I love you Amber💋💝
Hülya Kıy
Hülya Kıy преди 9 месеца
show us plss your shoe collection.. try haulllll
Marie Lou
Marie Lou преди 9 месеца
0:53 Mickey Mouse vibes😍😍 You’re amazing🎀
Chuko sad eyes
Chuko sad eyes преди 9 месеца
How are you single your funny and beautiful like wtfffffffff
Mya Letissa
Mya Letissa преди 9 месеца
i love u sooo much 😩
weird ship girl
weird ship girl преди 9 месеца
I loved the 5 outfit I like how you wear the glitter with the dress I'm all about the glitter.
Ava Tholenaer
Ava Tholenaer преди 9 месеца
am i the only one who’s style quiz won’t work? :(
Blah Blah blah
Blah Blah blah преди 9 месеца
Your makeup looks amazing. Please do a tutorial on it 😍😍😍
Claudia Isabel Alaniz Alegria
Claudia Isabel Alaniz Alegria преди 9 месеца
“Sugar daddy died”😏
Gracie_Luv преди 9 месеца
This whole video just gave me life!!
Minka Smith
Minka Smith преди 9 месеца
Omg I just found out that you were a figure skater... I was (am) a figure skater too! Not as graceful and talented as you but I never really got anywhere living in a (semi) small city but it really is my passion...! Your so beautiful and not just on the outside but in the inside too! I hope one day I could be as beautiful and successful as you! Love you XOXO
Danny Fenty
Danny Fenty преди 9 месеца
Justa Normalperson
Justa Normalperson преди 9 месеца
Lol #single_for_life
emmily kepner
emmily kepner преди 9 месеца
look 5 u have every color
peace maker
peace maker преди 9 месеца
AMBER I NEED HELP!!!! I recently got hired to be a receptionist in a high end company. I can’t afford Gucci or Chanel office clothes like everyone around me. Let alone I never worn office clothes before. Please make a video showing office outfits ideas please 😭💖
Sandra Lucia
Sandra Lucia преди 9 месеца
Not feeling good at all today , picked up a shift on Valentine’s Day so I can avoid story’s and post since I’m new to the single life you have brighten up my day and my life watching your videos has aspired me to live happy for myself and girl I will definitely be trying an outfit and posting it💛💛 love you !!
Louise B
Louise B преди 9 месеца
Omg I am living for look #4 😍
Anja Rasic
Anja Rasic преди 9 месеца
Did anyone notice that she said Athena instead of Aphrodite. ( me noticing mistakes of wrongly naming Greek gods makes me realize that I will die alone😥) btw love you Amber, you a sweetheart.💕
Kaitra Moralevi
Kaitra Moralevi преди 9 месеца
I had to stop watching halfway through because I don't wanna be a creep looking at women's bodies on the Internet... I feel like I'm bi because of three things Amber, Anime, and Asses Seriously have you seen the booties on these Anime and irl girls I know I got a hella fine ass myself(with clothes) but damn Ok I'll stop now ._. sorry ._.
linond gacita
linond gacita преди 9 месеца
Ahhh happy valentines amber ♥️♥️♥️♥️
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