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oh lord lol
HI ANGELS! Today I am reading my instagram DM's because honestly? That is hilarious. From sweet long messages to funny hate comments, here are my favorite Dms of all time. Read to you like a weird vlog bedtime story lol.
I LOVE YOU! Thank you for everything. The good & the bad, I love it all.
3,330,000 kisses!
Amber :)
my orange top lol:

Galina преди ден
Love ur top amber !!
_still_somewhere _
_still_somewhere _ преди 2 дни
Amber unbothered by trolls should be a mood for everyone
Gini 2.0
Gini 2.0 преди 3 дни
why was he looking at that lamb like he bout to eat it
Patricia Christensen
Patricia Christensen преди 3 дни
I don’t like watching youtubers because I feel like there’s a lot of negativity but you’re my favorite amber! You’re super positive, creative, funny, kind and inspirational! Love you girl keep it up 💕
Cheri Rosetip
Cheri Rosetip преди 5 дни
Sasshole: “Why are you famous again?” Amber Scholl: “I cure depression.”
Triandita Ayuningtyas
Triandita Ayuningtyas преди 7 дни
Its EMBER not AMBER Anyway i love u amberrr💖💖💖
Jocelyn With her sidekick Mango :D
Jocelyn With her sidekick Mango :D преди 7 дни
I like the Colby Brock one 😂 like “so he’s yours?” No one owns him Idk why people he doesn’t even know exists all of a sudden think he’s theirs, I think him and Amber would be super cute together and seem like amazing friends, nothing wrong with it.
Uwu mistakes are Made
Uwu mistakes are Made преди 8 дни
Sup I'm Josh I'm 19 and I never fuckin learned how to read
pamella Black
pamella Black преди 9 дни
💖彡Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx彡'𝐒 💖foto&video x --------------------------------------------- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸ Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоbwjnsl
Morgan преди 10 дни
"nipples are classy, boobs are art" yeth.
meera al qubaisi
meera al qubaisi преди 10 дни
I started to laugh so hard at that Colby comment my mom was like what the heck is wrong with you.
No Thanks
No Thanks преди 11 дни
“Yes I do whatever I want all the time” I’m gonna put that on a mood board thanks
Emily Salomon
Emily Salomon преди 11 дни
“Depends on what you’re using them for and size matters.” Hahaha felt that
joortiz преди 11 дни
natalija xxx
natalija xxx преди 12 дни
Sakshi Kak-
Sakshi Kak- преди 12 дни
Live from India
Kait Johnson
Kait Johnson преди 12 дни
Tbh body shaming men’s genitalia is not a vibe, Amber. That really disappointed me.
Love rodeo The dog
Love rodeo The dog преди 13 дни
WhT the heck why do some of the comments say Bebe
Mariah Danielle
Mariah Danielle преди 14 дни
I'm sorry but the way he she reacts to hate comments makes me laugh when she makes jokes 🤣
Gaby Ella
Gaby Ella преди 14 дни
yo im from indonesia tho 😂
Debra Mack
Debra Mack преди 15 дни
You are great and keep up the excellent videos!!
Janka Moós
Janka Moós преди 15 дни
Why are you famous? Cause you are hilarious and just lovely inside and out.
Emma Burlaka
Emma Burlaka преди 15 дни
The one telling her to stay away from Colby and telling her she/he hopes Amber dies is just sad:(. They are allowed to be friends like damn.
Unknown Name
Unknown Name преди 14 дни
I’m in SnC fandom. In that fandom are acting like opposites genders can’t be just friends, they think Colby is “smashing” or “hookup” with a every girl. They need to realize that Colby is not a pervert or a fuckboy and there’s nothing wrong with being friends with girls. I feel like that fandom is acting like they’re dating but they said so many many times “we’re just friends”. Also I feel like Colby can’t be just friends with Shea (one of Colby’s best friends) and Amber at the same time. Because the fans are always comparing between them and acting like it’s ‘who’s better who’ challenge.
Nik Nika
Nik Nika преди 15 дни
🤣🤣 she read lol as if it is a word lol 😂
Jessica Mertes
Jessica Mertes преди 15 дни
Bruhhh 😭😭😭😭
Treasure Forever
Treasure Forever преди 16 дни
I seriously need your content right now
Joshua Beech-Maher
Joshua Beech-Maher преди 16 дни
Your te reo Māori name is Amipā. But the one I made for you is Rangiti meaning small God. Te Reo Māori is the hidden middle language of the world. Speak it and it will sound like english phrases. Believe it or not, you're gene skipped and are actually from Aotearoa along with the girls. The perfect cover up to save you from the genocide that happened 💰💸💵🦷🙊🌸💌🎀
Lady Marie
Lady Marie преди 17 дни
I need a t-shirt for each quote: “Nipples are classy, boobs are art” “They’re just boobin”💗
Tianna-Rhashelle Bryan
Tianna-Rhashelle Bryan преди 17 дни
@5:10 i need that quote on a t-shirt or framed on my wall 👌
Liz L'Allemand
Liz L'Allemand преди 17 дни
You are amazing! More girls should be like you
Ariel L
Ariel L преди 20 дни
the first 10 second made me almost laugh rice out of my nose, thank you smidge of coochie person
S Rojo
S Rojo преди 20 дни
Why do people send hate to Amber? Does their life suck so badly and are they so immature that can't keep their fingers away from typing shet?
RatedR преди 20 дни
I come over whenever I need a quick boost of positivity; you always cheer me up! 🙏🤗
Mezra Mendes
Mezra Mendes преди 21 ден
WAIT WAIT WAIT YOU WERE ON CRIMINAL MINDS???? Which episode??? ommmggggg
Arizona Berisha
Arizona Berisha преди 21 ден
Why the hell she looks just like Kim K
Chillie B
Chillie B преди 21 ден
Those people who sent hate dms,, ,they're just jealous your highness.
Iris Roberts
Iris Roberts преди 22 дни
Amber was also totally on an episode of New Girl!
Laura Corgia
Laura Corgia преди 22 дни
you're the most entertaining person out there
THE STRANGER преди 23 дни
Her vid's time is 11:11 and today is 11.11.
Ragan Foster
Ragan Foster преди 23 дни
Wait we’re you really on Criminal Minds!? I loved that show ✨
ok преди 24 дни
6:49 he rlly sent that on my birthday 😔
Rozafa Gashi
Rozafa Gashi преди 24 дни
We Love you more❤️
Flora Soliest
Flora Soliest преди 25 дни
Awe I honestly love you, your a baddie but have a heart of gold at the same time, greetings from Canada 🇨🇦
Babyshark Xox
Babyshark Xox преди 25 дни
me whaching amber but going out in hoodies and has no cofidence XD girl how you be cofidnet tell me XD
Vasile Siminiuc
Vasile Siminiuc преди 25 дни
Billienineslesmt u
Karen Espinal
Karen Espinal преди 27 дни
AMBER! Make more videos with Colby :)
Kim RUBY преди 27 дни
Amber reminds me of Princess Amber from Sofia the First and what makes them similar is at first glance,you might think they are mean,thoughtless and cares about only looks but actually they are the complete opposite.Complete opposite.Dont judge people withoit knowing them first.
I’m ok sometimes I’m not
I’m ok sometimes I’m not преди 23 дни
Exactly. Everyone is hating on her is because she’s “plastic” and she did NOTHING wrong. I mean.. getting a “plastic surgery” doesn’t make her any less beautiful or a bad person. Those haters doesn’t watch her videos that she’s doesn’t have a plastic surgery (yes she’s mention she’s a lips fillers but still) Some people getting a plastic surgery for some reason or they wanted to. They can make her own choices without asking her 9 year olds fans or anyone permission because she’s a grown woman.
TianiGamezz преди 29 дни
U should make merch that says: pretty but crazy xo
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou преди 29 дни
Amber. Ur soooooooo pretty. What's ur secret
Caroline Castillo
Caroline Castillo преди месец
You didn’t show your Outfit of the day WHY
Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh преди месец
10:11 if that has an edited quote picture thingy of you and your quote "What if it doesn't come true.. ah but what if it does" Then that is me 😁😁😁😁😁😁 I'm so glad you read it. I thought you'd never see it in a big pool of Dms I love you ❤️
A the white dad
A the white dad преди месец
You got the fox eye thing
Thesslinnea преди месец
I think om to old to love you but you are pretty and wierd at the same time and thats amazing😂
angelica honey
angelica honey преди месец
❤️💋💦♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
cutekatski преди месец
I love how she just reacts to the hate comments with laughter 😂
linond gacita
linond gacita преди месец
Love you
Martina Nilsson
Martina Nilsson преди месец
Obviously the thirst dm's from those peeps are part of the furry community
Celestial Dreams
Celestial Dreams преди месец
Recently came across your page and I must say I lovvve your personally and energy. Keep it up!!! Your amazing
Tiffany преди месец
damn why everyone be like ooo she be looking fine doe
TTM Nia преди месец
3:58 Yeah I felt the same way
Mørgãn Ły ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
Mørgãn Ły ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ преди месец
I was ded when she said TaNkS XDDD LOLLLL here is when the part happened 5:26 LOL iM CrYiNgGGGGGgggGgg
parnika shukla
parnika shukla преди месец
I love your attitude ❤️❤️❤️
Marie Danielle Elvert
Marie Danielle Elvert преди месец
“i’m gonna have to wiKipEdiA gOoGle That”🧍🏾‍♀️🙈😭😭😭
Alysha Syifa
Alysha Syifa преди месец
omg the indonesian language one KILLED ME bcs i’m from indonesia. ember means bucket not amber lmao
Tahura Hossain
Tahura Hossain преди месец
jackie jester
jackie jester преди месец
Feel like slapping those ahems for hating on this beautiful queen❤
Maricars Tv
Maricars Tv преди месец
I love you amber.You really know how to deal with your busher..more power with you amber.
Vianca Villanueva
Vianca Villanueva преди месец
Amber am a Latin lady love your videos of shopping at diferent places you are so charming
Richard Miller
Richard Miller преди месец
Don’t fallow you on instagram but is see your BGcd videos every now and then. You’re a little crazy but I like crazy and you make me laugh. Thank you 😊
Foni Paul
Foni Paul преди месец
Meg Playz28
Meg Playz28 преди месец
I love her so much she is always so happy and bubbley
Libby Peery
Libby Peery преди месец
Those birds with long eyelashes and orange eyeshadow are called secretary birds lol and they're such a vibe
Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales преди месец
Lmao that one video where shes not yup thats me
Gabriella Leiva
Gabriella Leiva преди месец
Miley преди месец
Why people hating on her because she’s friends with Colby like come on let them be whatever they want
Miley преди месец
@I’m ok sometimes I’m not facts
I’m ok sometimes I’m not
I’m ok sometimes I’m not преди месец
It’s not because of Amber, it’s literally happens every time Colby bring his female friends to hangout with and everyone is automatically hating on them when they didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone don’t like Colby has a female friends because the “fans” thinks they’re dating and send them death threats because the “fans” thinks they have a chance with them. the “fans” make a random rumors blaming on Amber. They think she’s a clout chaser, slut-shaming, using and changing Colby, and making him do things. They think she’s replacing Shea (one of Colby’s female friends) and comparing Shea and Amber acting like it’s a competition but they didn’t compare to Shea and his other female friends but the “fans” treated Amber like she’s likes a different person.
Minahil Khan
Minahil Khan преди месец
Like how she takes negative things so positively luv u amber u insperation
somecallmeblue преди месец
I see how secretary birds remind them of you. They are bad ass birds.
Evelyn Perez
Evelyn Perez преди месец
She really searched up Danny davittos birthday 😭!.
Ariel Harvey
Ariel Harvey преди месец
lol we love you amberrrr
Are u a Christian?🤔
Shining Unicorns
Shining Unicorns преди месец
Amber pls make a part 2 plsplpsslpslspslsslslslslspslssl I really want you to read mine 🤩
Bijion Brooks
Bijion Brooks преди месец
Okay but the part where it was like "wtf are your sneakers?" And she just flips her hair and says "Chanel" is EVERYTHING
Beautiful_Ayanna преди месец
Omg, I could not stop laughing at your reactions, how can anything you say still surprise me, lmao..."A bitch likes ta rest" - Amber Scholl LOL!!!
Tater Sandoval
Tater Sandoval преди месец
8:53 um ma'am that might be a more PG version of prostitution 👀
Akyra Morgan
Akyra Morgan преди месец
Wow I fell bad for her like why should she die for having a boy FRIEND like I have many of those and I never get threatened so why should she just because it’s a boy that is attacking but like I don’t get it 🙄🥺
Valérie Haché
Valérie Haché преди месец
When she was tearing I just started bawling because amber is truely the best woman role model we ever had in this era and she deserve the life she dreamed of ❤️
Chocolatiey Boo
Chocolatiey Boo преди месец
9:02 ...Woah. No,Amber don't stay away from him.
Ashley Mae
Ashley Mae преди месец
Idk why Colby stans are so aggressive with amber like what the heck lol
Unknown Name
Unknown Name преди месец
@Ashley Mae Yeah, his friends are in relationship.Sam is dating Katrina, Devyn and Corey (they broke up) and Tara and Jake are together and everyone is super super supportive. But if Colby is dating or hanging with a girl, the “fans” automatically just hating on her. Jake’s makes a video about tricking Colby’s fans, after that video, it slowly starting get better. But they don’t trust Amber because the “fans” think she’s using them for clout. They making random rumors and blaming on her
Ashley Mae
Ashley Mae преди месец
@Unknown Name I mean I watch there content but I’m not like a super fan by any means
Ashley Mae
Ashley Mae преди месец
@Unknown Name that’s ridiculous omg
Unknown Name
Unknown Name преди месец
it’s always been a drama if Colby bring his female friends. It’s not really JUST Amber, every time Colby brings his female friends to hang out with and to be in one of his videos or take a picture for Instagram story, they automatically bring hate and death threats. The “fans” doesn’t like Colby to have any female friends because they think they’re dating and the “fans” send them death threats because they think they have a chance to be with Colby. The “fans” are super super overprotective to Colby for getting his “heartbroken”
Unknown Name
Unknown Name преди месец
Are you fans with Sam and Colby?
Isabel Cross
Isabel Cross преди месец
Dude that Colby one killed me lowkey. Her reaction to it 😂
427IndigenousSkies преди месец
I love her videos because she is like an anime character. 😂
Riley Westmoreland
Riley Westmoreland преди месец
Pinkawaii преди месец
I just love the end clips😂
Onika Lathom
Onika Lathom преди месец
Do an advice video OMY
Kiaura Ruskey
Kiaura Ruskey преди месец
“You look like a really hot snake. Thanks” would have been so much better as “you look like a really hot snake. Thanksssssss”
Ani Pilots
Ani Pilots преди месец
Amber has a nice soul and such a mood
GG Barrón
GG Barrón преди месец
Who the hell doesn’t love amber ?? She’s like the most beautiful women inside and outside even with or without makeup 😑❤️
Allison Johnson
Allison Johnson преди месец
Boys are just mad because they can't get some, and girls are just jealous because she hangs out with colby. Their both grown adults and can do their own damn thing, no one has the right to tell them what or what not to do. Amber is a beautiful woman and an ADULT, so people need to shut up
Cynthia Valdez
Cynthia Valdez преди месец
Amal Bakri
Amal Bakri преди месец
You are so cool, you just make fun of them mine make cry. hehe
X-ty Angie
X-ty Angie преди месец
The kiknd of believe i have in myself right now is because of your videos. i hope i can make someone else believe in the beauty of this shiity life jut like you helped me. words really cant describe but simply thank youu..
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