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Amber Scholl

преди 4 месеца

happy opposite day.
I am the queen of DIY makeovers and the girliest girl there is - so today I am giving myself a makeover GOTH STYLE! The polar opposite of my usual very extra aesthetic so it's the ultimate style swap to the dark side! ENJOY THE MAKEOVER!
ps remember, style is personal. look however makes you feel beautiful. always.
3,331,000 kisses!
Amber :)

Ashlee Toto
Ashlee Toto преди 7 часа
Anybody else love when she says whose whatse just me ok lol
trapped_soul преди ден
did anyone else's eyes get real big because you thought the 13 meant somethin else 😂 and not Friday the 13 thing at all
Chrstina Brooks
Chrstina Brooks преди ден
You are so pretty! And you have the confidence to go with your looks! People are tough and mean to us pretty girls,keep being Fabulous darling!!!😃 Nichole❤️.
Ananta Sesha Lozada
Ananta Sesha Lozada преди ден
Goth people dont talk as much 🙌🏻
i ran away when i was 5
i ran away when i was 5 преди 2 дни
this girl is badass
Addisyn Hruby
Addisyn Hruby преди 2 дни
how the heck is Amber single?
Executive Branch
Executive Branch преди 3 дни
So cut👅
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou преди 5 дни
You should do this again, but show Colby. I feel like Colby's eyes would be like 😬🤭😐. But yeah. Like if you agree. Also. The chances of Amber liking this is small but not impossible
MoonCat Arts
MoonCat Arts преди 6 дни
I love the result tbh :) but the Make-up for me as a goth personally needs some more black xD if you liked this Stile but you still love pink you might wanna try pastel goth :) I think that could really like it ;)
Skeleton Kitty
Skeleton Kitty преди 6 дни
This is a cute af look on you! 🖤🖤
RedWolf FNAF YT преди 8 дни
This is the style I want and you forgot the black nail polish
pamella Black
pamella Black преди 8 дни
💖彡Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx彡'𝐒 💖foto&video x --------------------------------------------- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸ Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоbwjnsl
Rory Patton
Rory Patton преди 10 дни
I was ready to hate did a great job. You really should get more into the Goth and Metal aesthetic, you look great in black. Oh, and dump Harry Styles.
Haunted Toast
Haunted Toast преди 10 дни
Can u put links to all the jewelry and hair clips pls
Crystal Cruz
Crystal Cruz преди 11 дни
Lmao a sexy evil brats doll
Lizzie Hernandez
Lizzie Hernandez преди 12 дни
Collab with Gabi Demartino please.
Marz Oktober
Marz Oktober преди 12 дни
This isnt goth but ok
Pablo Cáceres
Pablo Cáceres преди 13 дни
You tried.
Bina Rae
Bina Rae преди 15 дни
Offline Offline
Offline Offline преди 15 дни
Jealous that she can just buy rings from anywhere my ring size is a 4 so it’s practically impossible to just pop a ring on in a package.
Meghan Adams
Meghan Adams преди 17 дни
Gurrrll, you is funny AFFFFF!! I LOVE IT WOMANNN!!!! I can TOTALLY vibe 😌 and jive with you!!!! 💚💚💚🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽
Jenna Rose
Jenna Rose преди 17 дни
three months later and this is still one of my favorite videos of yours
Dani Valenz
Dani Valenz преди 17 дни
Amber proved she can be anything she wanted 🖤
Andria Garriott
Andria Garriott преди 19 дни
Honestly even goth girls have the same problem with black lipstick
Klownkandi1992 преди 20 дни
this seems to be more of an e-girl makeover, but to be honest, all the *good* goth stores have been closed for 10 years and Hot Topic stopped being "goth" about 15 years ago. my hope is that because its cool to be alt now, people will do more research oh the subculture and music itself. but as a goth of 20+ years, I think you'd make a GORGEOUS goth queen! I really hope that with the new found widespread acceptance of the alt look that people are kinder to each other. when I was growing up I would bullied and beaten up for the way I dressed and it got worse as people decided black kids couldn't be goth too. hoping the people would bullied me realized that this is a lifestyle and not just a fashion statement, but that's never a promise....although it sure feels weird having my middle and highschool bullies asking me for fashion and makeup advice. * AWKWARD * hopefully the stigma will end because people of ALL kinds are evil-not just the goth ones. Please educate yourselves. The "evil rings" comment on the yin and yang ring kinda stung a little XD not all goths are evil and not all evil is goth
Kayla Roberts
Kayla Roberts преди 21 ден
You are a hoot girl!! I heart you so bad!! Love your bubbly, sporadic, crazy personality!! Your way cute!!
Angie Hudg
Angie Hudg преди 23 дни
Looks i wanna see: 1.1960's Boho hippie 2.1940's Hollywood Glam 3.1950's School girl 4. Natural Victorian Beauty 5. 1990's Cher/Clueess Inspo vibez
Kayla Roberts
Kayla Roberts преди 21 ден
1920-30’s elegant mafia wife!!
Elvin Nieves Hernandez
Elvin Nieves Hernandez преди 23 дни
Is that your real voice omg its so funny. I love it
Robyn Marissa
Robyn Marissa преди 24 дни
The Sarah Monster was on the pinterest page and she's an amazing MUA!!
maddy shine
maddy shine преди 26 дни
wait i think i’m a hot topic bitch hahahah i’ve never been there but it’s so dope
Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh преди 27 дни
11:15 Amber we love you.. so please don't do that for us atleast.. maybe beauty is pain. But it feels really bad to see that much of redness in your ears.
Dimsrose преди 28 дни
Get an actual goth to do this to you
Naomi Malmberg
Naomi Malmberg преди 28 дни
ok now im curious, how are you so rich?
Alyssa преди 29 дни
the fact that i know every single song i hear in the background of hot topic says a lot about my music taste lmao
Hannah Willis
Hannah Willis преди месец
Also, if goth’s (I was goth for about 6 years) were to be putting on glitter and pink on, yall would be calling it “different” and say things like “mean girls” and shit like that. So don’t get offended 😂 that’s the last thing to get offended about
the lesbian cousin
the lesbian cousin преди месец
dude how sad is it that you look like a better goth than most
Mette Carstensen
Mette Carstensen преди месец
omg you look so jiqe
katie преди месец
3:50 Who else just squealed when they saw that? just me?.....ok eeeeeee!
Britnee Anderson
Britnee Anderson преди месец
Can you do a sabrina the teenage witch or a betty and veronica from archie comics makeover?
Danielle Marineau
Danielle Marineau преди месец
To be a true emo or goth you gotta be less hyper and energetic and less smiley I mean you can be a little bit but not alot
gay shit
gay shit преди месец
why do i like her more like that-
Brianna Loves Everything
Brianna Loves Everything преди месец
HOW DO YOU PULL OFF ANY LOOK! You look so good goth! OMG I STAN
mochi 589
mochi 589 преди месец
She has such a unique personality her hole personality is just energetic and bubbly and pink I've never seen anyone like her
katie gifford
katie gifford преди месец
Omg your so pretty and fun I subscribed !!! ♥️✨♥️✨
Brooke Ware
Brooke Ware преди месец
GMG I love you
Alexa Hunter
Alexa Hunter преди месец
she reminds me of nikita dragen
Jamie Hudson
Jamie Hudson преди месец
Damn. You look hot
Nanda Bibelo By Style
Nanda Bibelo By Style преди месец
Nanda Bibelo By Style
Nanda Bibelo By Style преди месец
vem para o BRASIL linda
Martyna Liszcz
Martyna Liszcz преди месец
Can you speak without this annoying mannerism? I have the impression that you are not yourself 😢( btw that's not a hate)
Gabby Nelson
Gabby Nelson преди месец
Please please please wear that out and do your usual day to day
Maryluz Tatiana
Maryluz Tatiana преди месец
How does she pull off every look. This came out gorgeous actually lol
Tanya Clarke
Tanya Clarke преди месец
Your personality is so addictive I love it
Serena Wrenn
Serena Wrenn преди месец
Y’all can’t lie... Hot topic is the best store 😌
Krista Iris Nielsen
Krista Iris Nielsen преди месец
You look so hot lol like a young Christina Aguilera so good
iixiwaii :P
iixiwaii :P преди месец
I like how she is so energetic 😆💗
A V D gaming
A V D gaming преди месец
lmao your so fun
AmbitiousMuslim Recordings تسجيلات مسلم طموح
AmbitiousMuslim Recordings تسجيلات مسلم طموح преди месец
You sounded like the woman from the WatchMojo intros 😳😂
Izuku midoriya
Izuku midoriya преди месец
Aight, hands down SoRRy if this sounds sexist women are by FUCKING FAR the hottest creatures on this earth men- sorry to break it to ya y'all gatta up your game if y'all wanna look sexy
Marina преди месец
nailed it
xKIJO Tech
xKIJO Tech преди месец
As a casual goth I’m loving this look on you!!! You’re so amazing and nonjudgmental 🖤🖤🖤
Ashley Prado
Ashley Prado преди месец
Where is this corset bodysuit from 🥺
MyBABSON преди месец
Loving your sexy nails! Hi beautiful!!
Clive Shave
Clive Shave преди месец
I m so contradict i literally feel like slapping her but cant help to keep watching her
brandi bevers
brandi bevers преди месец
you look soooo good
IcOnic SHaDy
IcOnic SHaDy преди месец
Your fake-ness is showing
eman tokhy
eman tokhy преди месец
I love how her dog is like 😑bruh.
Stephanie Sanchez Rangel
Stephanie Sanchez Rangel преди месец
I think you look better like that lol you rock that
Ami преди месец
Where this corset is from I need one !
puppy luv
puppy luv преди месец
u can wear anything and look fanfreakingtastic
neryroel преди месец
If you wanna see a lot of work put into fashion try decora 😃
Chicken Nugget U_U
Chicken Nugget U_U преди месец
You should become a goth girl 👇🏾This is how many people think so
Madalyn NicoleT
Madalyn NicoleT преди месец
My Art World Comes Alive
My Art World Comes Alive преди месец
Who honestly totally vibed with Hot Topic Music in the Background
pastelxbxnnyplayzx преди месец
This is how many times she said mood\look |
_weirdo_ bella_
_weirdo_ bella_ преди месец
She’s wearing my dream
Rui Rui
Rui Rui преди месец
U sound jus like Mickey Mouse
Trinity Myles
Trinity Myles преди месец
for your next video can you give me a shout out
Dulce Canche
Dulce Canche преди месец
Desde México Payasa ......
TheCatFam преди месец
To be honest, Any style suits Amber like, Goth, girly or so what i think any style suits amber.
aliyah scott
aliyah scott преди месец
did you actually get born on frieday the 13 or am I dumd
ag900 преди месец
The way she holds her brushes... I can't 😂🤣😅
Kali Stahl
Kali Stahl преди месец
Wheres Colby?
Analkarneval преди месец
pls your workout routine wtf oO
Angel Grace
Angel Grace преди месец
George says”I don’t get paid enough for this”.
lily trudeau
lily trudeau преди месец
call Colby over !!
Sophia Marcus
Sophia Marcus преди месец
as a semi-goth I approve but just remember that goth isn't just fashion - it's politics, music and a lifestyle but u look stunning!
Ann Hester
Ann Hester преди 6 дни
@Jessica Toress yeah it does but ok, lol.
Jessica Toress
Jessica Toress преди 7 дни
Goth doesn’t have politics but yeah
Taylor Huggins
Taylor Huggins преди месец
11:04 nip slip
ii_softT3ddy преди месец
Gotta love a conident queen Not to mention positive and non-judgemental
Louize Lapira
Louize Lapira преди месец
you’re literally a ray of sunshine
Yesid Eduardo Castro
Yesid Eduardo Castro преди месец
apology girl pearl
apology girl pearl преди месец
oh god she used the word goth im not even gonna say anything
Meep The Sheep
Meep The Sheep преди месец
Colby Thats all i can say
Farial Orion
Farial Orion преди месец
You should try indian makeover wearing some saree,gold heavy nacklace
p4rkr. s1m9
p4rkr. s1m9 преди месец
As someone that you might consider "goth" I have tons of respect for amber. She never once was disrespectful about anything by being mean about the way she made up herself.
Jobie Bananers
Jobie Bananers преди месец
We’re did you get that stuff ?
Desiree Castro
Desiree Castro преди месец
Your everyday look is going outta your way... Every look is different with different accessories
cricket mhm
cricket mhm преди месец
your energy makes me so happy
nona -ian
nona -ian преди месец
as soon as i saw the title i KNEW you were gonna slay it
Emily преди месец
omg you look like a whole new person!!! really beautiful i love you
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