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Amber Scholl

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MERRY CHRISTMAS ANGELS! I am going ice skating…for the first time. SINCE FOREVER LOL.
I used to be a professional figure skater back in my day. Not olympic quality or anything, but REALLY GOOD! It’s my sort of hidden talent, and after mentioning it in my 10 Things you Didn’t Know About Me video, you all aked to see me try it again! So, I am putting on my winter fashions and heading to the ice rink to vlog my adventure. Can i still skate?
I hope so or this video is going to be a big funny fail lol.
I LOVE YOU! Remember, have faith in yourself always. You can do more than you think.
to the moon and back - 3,100,000 kisses!
Amber :)
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twitter: amberscholl

Alexandra преди 23 часа
After learning how to roller skate, (although I’m still learning a little like how to do more complex jumps and spins, and goin backwards faster and more efficiently) I can confidently say I’m not horrible at ice skating. Although rinks only come out at the end of the year where I live, and this pandemic doesn’t seem like it’s going away soon.
Mrs. Turtle
Mrs. Turtle преди ден
I see where u get your inspiration!! Great job mom!!
Heather Cleveland
Heather Cleveland преди ден
My parents were too poor for me to join any kind of activities when I was growing up :/ so I stayed home and drew pictures, watched TV and played on my computer lol I was so jealous of my friends because they were able to join sports and other fun activities
Kaitlin Keeton
Kaitlin Keeton преди 2 дни
everyone fun and games till they turn off the ice
Ashley Rojas
Ashley Rojas преди 2 дни
I like so much how her mom is so supportive of her BGcd Chanel!
Katie Looper
Katie Looper преди 3 дни
i cant even walk on ice with skates on 😫
Júlia Paris
Júlia Paris преди 5 дни
let's talk about the fact she really sounds and act just like Minnie Mouse! Miska muska Miiickey MOUSE! real life minnie
Cecilia S
Cecilia S преди 5 дни
Please tell me I don’t talk like that in real life
Rose Evergarden
Rose Evergarden преди 6 дни
Love the Outfit! ❤
local friend jersie
local friend jersie преди 6 дни
Omg I live in la and was wondering were is this ice arena?
local friend jersie
local friend jersie преди 6 дни
Watching this exactly 28 days untill Christmas AKA.... the day after Thanksgiving 😊 so happy early Christmas!
Wen преди 7 дни
I've always liked figure skating, but snow does not exist in my country and neither do ice rinks :'D
The Creator
The Creator преди 8 дни
My mom said what one learns one never forgets
Yuval Levy
Yuval Levy преди 9 дни
I was a figure roller skater till I was 8 (wasn't a very good one tho) and now after 12 years I'm going to start again. I hope my muscles remember too..
Noelani D
Noelani D преди 7 дни
Good luck!
Tracy Helen
Tracy Helen преди 12 дни
You’re pretty
JAY Liburd
JAY Liburd преди 12 дни
her mirror is so clear its like someone was recording her
Gabriel преди 12 дни
Wtf is that makeup, you look like Donald Trump
Nicole Lippert
Nicole Lippert преди 12 дни
her mom is literally the cutest
Jocelyn Lionel
Jocelyn Lionel преди 13 дни
my mom doesn’t allow me to do ice skating so im going with my sad this is what i want to do, so im going on saturday
Gabriel Nevarez
Gabriel Nevarez преди 14 дни
Passion and effort love it blessings sister 🦖👽⛸🌎🧙‍♂️
Daniela Heim
Daniela Heim преди 15 дни
This things u never forget
Noob Girl
Noob Girl преди 15 дни
Man she looks like a walking royal high (ROBLOX) character doing emotes during winter !
Biscuit with Extra gravy
Biscuit with Extra gravy преди 16 дни
I wish I could do stuff like this but we don’t have extra money for this stuff.... I wanna go back to dance and gymnastics and then learn ice skating
Ella Daffron
Ella Daffron преди 17 дни
How are you so energetic
Teresa Kaufman
Teresa Kaufman преди 18 дни
xT0rn_ преди 23 дни
i rewatched 5:18 like 10 times and every time i get goosebumps from the sync she had with the person in the back
Caroline Castillo
Caroline Castillo преди 23 дни
I really wanna skate but I get it my dad said no because it costest lot we can afford a house we can’t afford ice skates sucks to me Maibe one day I will Be rich and skate
Divinee Artist
Divinee Artist преди 24 дни
Your an ice Goddess✨❗
Leah Adam
Leah Adam преди 24 дни
Me: It’s not outfit of the day My brain:ITS OOTDDDDDDD 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Grace преди 24 дни
I get nervous just watching this 😂
P0rcel4in преди 25 дни
I literally love amber so much-
Jaylin Ramirez
Jaylin Ramirez преди 28 дни
Just to let you know she finally gets in the ice at 4:38
alyoehoe преди 29 дни
Idk how yall ice skaters dont feel like your gonna die every time yall jump wtf-
Va Ambond
Va Ambond преди месец
Love it!!
Aisha al yafai
Aisha al yafai преди месец
why does she remind me of sniper wolf
Silky Wyrm
Silky Wyrm преди месец
To be honest I think this is the best thing I've seen today!
Keeley Jones
Keeley Jones преди месец
my dream yet im sitting here at 14 and have ice skated like twce also i live in wales and for anybody else that knows what i mean the nearest ice rink is in cardiff not gonna work out but i have plans i was hoping to go to uni in bristol looked into cardiff uni for law and realised i have more of a passion for figure skating crazy right so im going to move out at 16 and move to cardiff persue ice skating as hobby but an everyday serious hobby and also look in to collages and uni bcs im not the type of person to give up
Salma Munoz
Salma Munoz преди месец
Okay wow omg you look so amazing I wish you would do it more ✊🏾😂💚
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
This is Cutie Ringo Joy преди месец
i think i know where her style is from
eman tokhy
eman tokhy преди месец
Her dog is like 😐 ik I am cute while me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐶
Aubree McGuire
Aubree McGuire преди месец
I can see why you love sparkly things lol
Mellow преди месец
why is she so annoying? and yeah i will not watch any other video
Treasure Forever
Treasure Forever преди месец
May you please take it to the streets on roller skates and do a ice skating to roller skate challenge
Skybluey 217
Skybluey 217 преди месец
1. love her outfit 😍 2. her mum is so cute
Piper Brynn
Piper Brynn преди месец
I started horse back riding three years even though horse back riding is more expensive than figure skating we’ve never had a problem with it I’ve wanted to do both for 2 years know but haven’t asked my mom once about figuring skating cause we don’t have the money and I know for a fact she’s gonna yell at me for not being interested in horse back riding anymore we go to the barn three times a week and if I skip one week my mom will think I am not into it anymore I really want to skate but I know my mom will say no and she always has to bring my mental health into every thing and says maybe if I go to a therapist she’ll consider it even though the therapist and doctors give me ptsd and I’m terrified of them. She thinks they help even tho the reason I’m training my dog to be a service dog and doing these sports is to escape that. I’m only 11 do you know any way I can start skating considering my circumstances thanks 😊 (sorry for the long rant)
Kiley McLoughlin-Alcoz
Kiley McLoughlin-Alcoz преди месец
What skates did you use?
Emmy’s Life
Emmy’s Life преди месец
I am re-watching this nine months later after you posted this. I figure skated for 17 years and I haven’t skated in over a year now, because of an injury that I had and I moved to college and everything. I am just in shock that my favorite BGcd or did the same sport as me. This is so cool to me to see you do the things I used to do on a daily basis. I love you so much Amber!!
aliyah scott
aliyah scott преди месец
it is holloweenfor me
Kelsey Miller
Kelsey Miller преди месец
That's pretty amazing
Zsarmani Love
Zsarmani Love преди месец
Amber being a ice skating QUEEN in 2003 me: Being pushed out the womb
Stefania B
Stefania B преди месец
That double flip double toe at the beginning tho whenever i do those i fall on the flip before i even get to the toe figure skating is the best sport also RIEGONAL CHAMPIONS i got 11th place in regionals out of like 17 lmao
Malika's Interests
Malika's Interests преди месец
I loved this video, it made me tear up with happiness that you could still do it. I've been trying to get back in to skating but so far I can only skate fowards and can't do anything else not even go backwards 🤣 I haven't skated on ice or rollers for about 18 years
Audrey преди месец
ugh this makes me sad my skating coach is leaving our club with means no club at all and I've worked with her for so many years it hurts
Debi Darling
Debi Darling преди месец
I'm also a skater girl luv. Oh how I miss it...the smell of the ice rink at 5am, the waiting for your flight to come up so you could get on the ice for warm up, the many crashes into the boards and on ur arse! And of course, freezing feet lol! ⛸️⛸️⛸️💗 I coached for a bit too but the best part was going to Canadians to compete for the national championship. Best years ever!
Hailey YT
Hailey YT преди месец
She’s a women of many talents 😂
Addisyn Hruby
Addisyn Hruby преди 2 дни
yes yes she really is
Avellieい преди месец
I used to regret forcing my parents to let me figure skate. now that i am pretty young and starting my axel on the ice i realized how much I love this sport.
Hannah Short
Hannah Short преди 6 дни
My bloody axel sucks and it’s so sad lmao
Lőrinc Kovács
Lőrinc Kovács преди месец
Hailey Urbiel
Hailey Urbiel преди месец
i figure skate to i love it
Medical Adhesive Strips
Medical Adhesive Strips преди месец
That's the cutest ice skating outfit I've ever seen
Amie Ziemerink
Amie Ziemerink преди месец
Shes kinda annoying AF, is that really how she talks
Anastasia Morales
Anastasia Morales преди месец
You look like a mix of azzyland and Arianna grade
Daisy Hess
Daisy Hess преди месец
Amber is lucky to have a very supportive mom
Daisy Hess
Daisy Hess преди месец
Wow I love you amber 💕
Tegan преди месец
I do figure skating just like u used to! I only compete once a year but I practice 3 times a week for 2 hours. Why’d u stop?
Milk Bread
Milk Bread преди месец
I just watching Yuri on ice and now this is in my recommended I-
sandra scanlan
sandra scanlan преди месец
Why you stop skating? .....I love skating as a kid and I could never convince my parents to get me in skating classes
Sophia Angelini
Sophia Angelini преди месец
I love her like I look up to you so much.
Princess Marshella Horman
Princess Marshella Horman преди месец
Anyone notice that she was wearing one of tonya harding's outfit when she shows her childhood skating videos?
emily преди месец
Amber has the most beautiful personality I’ve ever seen! She’s so animated, bubbly, and would be such a fun person to hang around tbh
Mariah Rico
Mariah Rico преди месец
5:24 love the victory dance girl!
Deadbear26 преди месец
It looked like her skates were waaaay too loose, I’m surprised she didn’t hurt herself... but can she do crossovers still??
Serenity Little
Serenity Little преди 2 месеца
Yeah I can see you as a figure skater. Your to fabulous for any other sports. But, if you are doing a sport, figure skating is the most fabulous one that matches your level.
jenny rivera
jenny rivera преди 2 месеца
You should go back to doing competitions and filming 👑❄️❄️⛄⛄
Finja B
Finja B преди 2 месеца
You kinda sound like mini mouse😂
Pretty Glitter
Pretty Glitter преди 2 месеца
She really said “cuter than normal” Sissss you are always cuteeeee!! I dunno how the heck you be looking so flawless every second!
Chitra Fernando
Chitra Fernando преди 2 месеца
are you kidding me that is amazing!!! and in ten years!
Ana Silva
Ana Silva преди 2 месеца
I did ice skating and hockey too rn I am only playing hockey and I personally think that hockey is better
Elise Fulgencio
Elise Fulgencio преди 2 месеца
I wish my mom would let me skate.they want me to do basketball. I hate basketball.
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn преди 2 месеца
I wanna try this out someday, people who do this.. is it hard??
Emily Engel
Emily Engel преди 2 месеца
A typical rich girl, but there is something different... Oh, right! A typical rich girl, with a heart that isn't made of ice.
Gracie Shannon
Gracie Shannon преди 2 месеца
You should re-create a dance from when you were little
Nataliah Rezende
Nataliah Rezende преди 2 месеца
I started when I was 2 😁
RED HANDED преди 2 месеца
I swear this girl can do anything.
Amber Tijero
Amber Tijero преди 2 месеца
Wish my parents put me in stuff when I was younger before I grew my I’m over here at 15 to scared to even go to the store without having a anxiety attack
skorpia g
skorpia g преди 2 месеца
I was shocked when my mom in her 50s swam across the pool under water without exertion. She used to do it as a kid. I would panic because I have asthma😳
Nkwate Precious
Nkwate Precious преди 2 месеца
It seems like she's a millionaire
e g o
e g o преди 2 месеца
i remember watching you a few years back and i still love you so much lol
paul okpuzor
paul okpuzor преди 2 месеца
I now how to ice skate like you but your better than me because Im only 7
Alle Rhie
Alle Rhie преди 2 месеца
giiiiirrrrlll those layback spins were very nice. very nice indeed
Lilly H
Lilly H преди 2 месеца
Who just wants to be amber
Monalisha Cheda
Monalisha Cheda преди 2 месеца
Your mom is like the lady in the end of 'happier-marshmello'..
Jamilet Ramirez
Jamilet Ramirez преди 2 месеца
2:29 It’s amazing it can love you and not lie about it Get you a man who can do both
jamie deano
jamie deano преди 2 месеца
I love her voice. 😍
Raine Carmody
Raine Carmody преди 2 месеца
why’d you stop skating?
Ocean Rose
Ocean Rose преди 2 месеца
People who disliked were jealous of her skating skills.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya преди 2 месеца
Am I the only one that see a pixalated Square in the top right corner ?
Blobfish преди 2 месеца
I’m 16, i’m in love of this sport but i don’t know to ice skate lol. but this is so beautiful i hope to know how to skate one day
Danino Lopes
Danino Lopes преди 2 месеца
Who's ur favorite figure skater??
Amber Baker
Amber Baker преди 2 месеца
I thought that her white boots were ice skates for a hot minute lol
Leah Ellie
Leah Ellie преди 2 месеца
Does anyone else think she acts and kinda sounds like joy from inside out.
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